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Please contact the Village of Steward at 815-396-2846 for water issues

Steward Water Works
402 Main Street
P.O. Box 8
Steward, IL 60553-0008

Phone: 815-396-2846
Fax: 815-396-2846


Hugh McKiski

Brad Richolson

Village Clerk
Water Billing Manager
Chrissy Smardo









Water committee meetings are held Thursdays before each monthly board meeting (if needed)








Policies & Procedures for Steward, IL


Village of Steward
Water Works Policies and Procedures
Revised 6/2019



An initial first time property owner to the village must contact the Water Billing Manager to set-up their water service account. A turn-on fee of $50.00 will be required before water is physically turned on. Billing quarter to be prorated for first quarter usage. Subsequent usage will be billed at normal billing rates.



Billing is done on a quarterly basis (4 payments per year) at the beginning of the following months: March, June, September, December. The property owner has 30 days from the billing date to send in their quarterly payment without incurring any late fees and/or shut-off notices. The property owner is responsible for paying for the water service. Steward Water Works will charge the property owner for each rental property regardless of being vacant or not. All questions concerning water billing are to be discussed with the water billing manager. In cases of financial hardship, payment arrangements are to be discussed with the water billing manager. Payment arrangements must be approved by the village president.


Late Fees

$25.00 per account will be added to the water bill if payment is not received by the due date. Reminder bills will not be sent out.


NSF Checks

The fee for returned (non-sufficient funds (checks) will be $40.00, which will be charged to the property owners account. If this offense happens twice, then only a cash or money order will be accepted for water service payment at that point and beyond.


Delinquent Bills

If a full payment is late, the account will incur a late fee as described above. If a second quarterly payment is not received by the next due date, a late notice will be sent to the customer stating that they have 10 more days to pay their bill in full (1st missed quarterly payment, late fee, 2nd missed quarterly payment) or their water service will be terminated. If water service is terminated, then a $150.00 reinstatement fee, plus any outstanding balance, needs to be paid in full to reinstate water service again.



If a property owner is selling and/or moving, they are responsible for giving written notice to the water billing manager to discontinue their water service. They must provide a final payment of any outstanding balance. If no written notice is received from the water customer, then they will continue to be billed and be responsible for paying for each quarterly amount and any late fees that may accrue.


A lien will be placed on a property owner's home with a delinquent bill with the County of Lee. The owner will be responsible for the cost of a lien to be filed and released. Any costs incurred by the village's lawyer will be added to the delinquent water bill, too.

Water Problems

Any water committee member should be contacted when there is a water quality or distribution concern. The water committee member will review the concern and take the necessary steps to resolve the concern or problem. If the problem is on the village's side of the buffalo (shut-off) box, including the3 buffalo box, then the village will pay for the costs of repairing the leak. If the problem is on the home or business owner's side of the buffalo box, then the owner is responsible for the repairs. The village's plumber may be contacted if the property owner desires, but that is the owner's choice and it is the property owner's responsibility to pay for the services rendered on the property owner's side of the buffalo box.

1- Year Payment Discount Option

This option allows the water customer to pay in advance four (4) quarters worth of service with one payment and receive a 5% reduction on their water rate charge. This payment can only start on one of the 4 designated monthly billing periods.


Payment Options

Payments may be made in the following ways: Check or money order mailed to the village, check or money order placed in the drop box in front of the village hall, online payment on village website (you will be charged and additional 2.65% for using this option).


Billing Fees as of January 1, 2019
Initial Turn-On Fee:
Quarterly Fee: Homeowner
Public Schools
Fire Department
Local, County, and State Governmental Agencies
Senior Citizens (65 & older, documentation required (ex. driver's license)
Minus $10.00 per quarterly fee
Late Fees:
$25.00 per quarterly payment
NSF Checks:
$40.00 per check
Reinstatement Fee: (for termination of water services)
$150.00 turn-on fee plus full payment of outstanding balance
Liens: Variable
Account balance + All Lee County Fees + Lawyer Fees
Individual/Business Bulk Fee: By purchase order, deposit and approval of village president/water committee
Price dependent on individual purchase and approval of village president/water committee










Fee information coming soon!




Purchase Bulk Water
Bulk Water purchase rates for Steward IL

Minimum purchase is 1000 gallons @ 5 cents per gallon. $100.00 deposit required prior to purchase. Refund of balance of difference to be sent by village of Steward to purchaser.

1001-10,000 gallons @ 4 cents per gallon. Deposit of $400.00 required. Refund of difference of deposit to be returned upon receipt of payment or deposit to be used in place of payment.

10,001-50,000 gallons @ 3 cents per gallon. Deposit to be $1500.00 for purchases between 10,001-49,999. Upon payment balance,deposit will be returned or used toward payment of purchase.

Purchases in access of 50,001 gallaons are available. Specific purchase requirements must be provided to Village of Steward, Il. board of trustees for board approval.

All purchasers must sign village purchase agreement which requires written authorization from the Village President and one member of the village water committee. Deposit from purchaser must accompany signed purchase agreement between purchaser and Village of Steward, Illinois.

Village of Steward’s backflow valve/meter must be used for every bulk water purchase.

Contact information
Village President
Hugh McKiski
Water Billing Manager
Chrissie Smardo
402 Main St. P.O. Box 8
Steward, IL 60553-0008








Annual Drinking Water Quality Report

Click on the link below to view the CCR Report



If you have questions or would like a hard copy, please contact the Village President, Hugh McKiski, at (815) 970-2017.